Good Divorce Week 2021

Throughout last week, Resolution - an organisation of 6,500 family law professionals committed to promoting a constructive approach to family issues which considers the needs of the whole family – ran its annual "Good Divorce Week".  This year, the aim was to kick-start a national conversation about how parents can embrace a child-focused approach to separation. 

Resolution says: “Family relationships have come under immense pressure since the start of the pandemic and we know that children of parents who separate can find the experience one of the most challenging and impactful of their lives.”  With that in mind, earlier this year Resolution launched its Parenting Through Separation Guide, a free and wonderfully comprehensive resource containing information, advice and support to help parents in their parenting journey through separation, divorce and beyond - access the guide here.  As well as the guide, Resolution has released a video suggesting five ways parents can help support their children through the process of their separation – access the video here.

Earlier in 2021, one of our specialist child law solicitors, Claire Molyneux, created a Family Lawyers’ Charter.  Its aim is to help family lawyers to better support their parent clients through the process of separation in a mutually respectful way, keeping in mind what a separating family needs by way of support when transitioning into its new form.  It includes a commitment from family lawyers to provide joint help to parents where that is appropriate, as well as encouraging parents to slow down, carefully reflect on how they wish to build a cooperative parenting relationship and what professional support may help them to achieve it.  She hopes family lawyers will consider committing to the sentiments of the Charter when there are no safety issues as between the parents and it would be appropriate and helpful to do so.  The Charter is available here.

At Mills & Reeve LLP, all our lawyers are members of Resolution and supporters of the organisation’s Code of Practice.  If you would like to discuss anything in this blog, please contact Zoe Fleetwood, Head of the National Children Team. 

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