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Divorce costs

What is the cost of a divorce?

Divorce costs depend upon the particular case. Much also depends on the approach of your solicitor, and whether they are committed to an open approach to their fees.

In every case, there are court fees, which are currently £550 for the filing of your petition. This fee includes the fee for applying for an order for divorce (the decree absolute) for divorce proceedings started after 1 July 2013. Even if you do the divorce yourself, you will still have to pay the court fees.

If you ask a solicitor to help you with your divorce, there will be his or her legal fees on top of the court fees. Many solicitors prepare divorce papers for a fixed fee. That may also include dealing with the court, writing letters and getting the divorce finalised though the courts.

However, it’s important to remember that some divorce proceedings are very complicated. Every family is different, and separation and divorce will often throw up complex and difficult issues in relation to finances and children. There may also be difficulties about the evidence needed to get the divorce. There may be more than one country in which a divorce can be filed.

If your financial position is complicated, involving pension or business interests, then you need highly specialised advice – and getting help from experts in these types of issues will help to keep the costs down and help you protect your assets. More complex cases will require more time spent on them and it may be difficult for solicitors to set a fixed fee. In these circumstances, solicitors will charge for the amount of time spent working on the divorce.

At Mills & Reeve, our rates are highly competitive and we do offer fixed prices for divorce whenever possible. For example, a competitive fixed fee will be available where clients have taken advice from us and the terms of the divorce are agreed, perhaps through our fixed fee initial consultation. Even if it is not possible to give a fixed fee, we will give you an estimate as to what we think your divorce costs will be. We will do this at the outset, as soon as we have been able to scope what is involved.

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How to communicate effectively

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