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Katherine Kennedy

Katherine Kennedy
Principal Associate (Family Lawyer, Collaborative Practitioner and Mediator)
Phone: 0344 327 6250
Email: katherine.kennedy@mills-reeve.com
Office: Birmingham
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What can you do for me?

People tend to come and see me at the stage when they are having difficulties in their marriage or relationship or after the decision has been made that they are to separate or divorce. 

Our initial meeting is a fact finding and information gathering exercise for both of us: you tell me the situation and I offer guidance and advice about the options available to you, in the context of the legal consequences of relationship breakdown. This will mean thinking about how finances can be dealt with and looking at arrangements for any children that may be involved. 

What makes you different from other divorce lawyers?

Principles are important to people and even more so in the context of divorce and the heightened emotions that entails. Litigating on a point of principle can be expensive and, with the discretionary nature of family law, unpredictable.

I try to keep the wider impact on your family in mind – looking towards your future and keeping the commercial reality of your situation in mind. I am a trained collaborative lawyer and a member of Resolution, which promotes a non-confrontational approach to resolving disputes. Having over 15 years’ experience of family law practice, I also recognise that litigation is often necessary and can guide you through the court process.

Alongside my practice as a family lawyer, I also act as a mediator. I assist separating couples, as a neutral, to reach their own decisions about financial and children arrangements in a forum that enables constructive, open and informed communications.

What do your clients say about you?

 “I have really appreciated your honest and measured advice which has helped me to manage my expectations in such a way that as I approach the final stages of my divorce I feel content with the outcome and ready to move forward with the next phase of my life”

“You handled the settlement with care and subtlety and managed to avoid the trauma of being cross examined whilst achieving an excellent result.”

“I have found you to be most helpful and efficient in difficult circumstances … kind and professional.”

What involvement do you have in the Birmingham community?

I am a volunteer with the Free Legal Advice Group, run by Mills & Reeve in conjunction with Birmingham University. 

What else should I know about you?

My young family keep me busy outside of work. I enjoy the outdoors and windsurfing – the latter a rare treat given Birmingham’s distance from the coast!