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Roger Bamber

Roger Bamber
Roger Bamber
Phone: 0344 327 6253
Email: roger.bamber@mills-reeve.com
Office: London


What can you do for me?

I will give you clear and practical advice in a way that you can understand. I hope I will always be kind and supportive, and take care of your interests. 

What makes you different from other divorce lawyers?

I always try to put the client first and really listen to what they want – to see what their objectives are. It means giving them practical and realistic guidance: advice that tells them what to do and how best to sort things out, as well as what the answers are to the really difficult questions.

25 years of listening has, I hope, given me some insight in to what helps people – and a healthy dose of humility.

If I have to, I will fight my client’s corner, and do it with as much toughness as it requires. More often – far, far more often – I will find the answers and deliver them quickly, and get families through this horrible process with as little pain (and expense) as possible.

I have been a mediator for over 20 years and I am one of the founding fathers of collaborative law. I am very solution focused and help find the answers quickly. I see the big picture – certainly, I try to. I put the children first. 

Modesty aside, if I may, I am one of five solicitors in the country to be given a rating of “stellar” in an independent review. 

What do your clients say about you?

Mainly that I look after them – really look after them, with kindness and compassion.

They say that I don’t let things get bogged down, and that I can call on other experts and do so willingly to help get my clients the right team. They also say that I am straight with them and give them the bad news as well as the good news. 

My clients often feel relieved and reassured that I am standing by them. 

What involvement do you have in the London community?

I have invested a significant amount of time and energy getting collaborative law and mediation embedded into the practice of family lawyers nationally and in London.

What else should I know about you?

I am a big fan of helping people to help themselves – of doing everything possible to empower people to run their own lives and take their own decisions themselves. 

I designed and set up Divorce.co.uk in 1998 and have been very much involved with it ever since. My aim is to make the law more accessible and help people get an understanding for themselves – to resolve their differences in a responsible way for themselves and their families 

I enjoy rowing, which I do with a stubborn lack of skill. I take part in the winter leagues and the City Bumps for one of the Express crews – the last two years as part of the Xorros!