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Alison Bull

Alison Bull
Alison Bull
Family Law Partner
Phone: 44 (0)161 235 5424
Email: alison.bull@mills-reeve.com
Office: Manchester
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What can you do for me?

Separating from your partner is recognised as being one of the most stressful experiences you go through in life. It can be particularly difficult if you have children and so have to work out how you and your partner will manage to parent them in the future.

After a period of time, usually the situation becomes easier. The length of time this takes varies from person to person. The level and type of support that you need can depend on where you are in that process. 

I aim to understand what stage you are at in the process, and what you hope to achieve for yourself and your family, in order to give you the most appropriate advice and support in a practical, calm and professional way. I will apply the knowledge and experience gained from many years of working in family law to help you achieve the outcome that you want and to guide you through the process. You deserve focused and effective advice that meets your needs. 

If you are thinking of getting married rather than separating, then I also have particular expertise in drafting pre and post-marital agreements. These are increasingly effective as a means of protecting assets and are also useful to give couples some reassurance about what may happen if things don’t work out. 

What makes you different from other divorce lawyers?

I am recognised as a leading family law specialist in the independent legal directories, partly because I am trained (uniquely) as a civil/commercial mediator, family mediatorcollaborative lawyer and counsellor as well as a divorce lawyer. I am also qualified to meet with children if that is appropriate in the mediation process.

The combination of this training, my recognised technical legal expertise and many years of experience enable me to help you, and if in mediation both of you, in the most appropriate way – drawing on whichever skills you need most. I am very happy to work effectively with other family law professionals in the area and further afield as necessary.

I will help you to assess your aims to make sure they are practical and realistic, and help you to find solutions to address any issues. I care about helping you find the right process and outcome for you as an individual, and where appropriate for your family. 

I am an expert in handling complex cases involving businesses, trusts, pensions, tax issues or, often, with an international dimension. I also provide focused, effective advice in more straightforward cases. 

What do your clients say about you?

I am pleased (and yet slightly embarrassed) to share the following comments from my clients:

“I was extremely impressed by the highly professional manner in which my case has been handled – also the level of empathy and compassion shown to me during the course of my case.”

“I have been immensely impressed by the breadth of qualities that you display. Your gifts and sheer application have brought forth the result which I felt I needed for a peaceful, stress-free future,”

“For your professional yet sensitive guidance and support … thank you.” 

What involvement do you have in the Manchester community?

I sit on the committee of Manchester Area Resolution, and was formerly chair. Resolution is an association of family lawyers committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. I also sit on their national standards committee. I am also a member of Collaborative Law Manchester (formerly Separation Solutions), our local Manchester collaborative group, and of the High Peak, Oldham and Tameside Pod, as well as of several other professional organisations locally.

I write articles, lecture and contribute to several textbooks and professional guides. I am interested in the future development of family law services and how they can be improved for the benefit of you and the other members of the public that we aim to help.

What else should I know about you?

I spend my spare time with friends and family, and in various outdoor activities locally and further afield. I also try to stay up to speed with social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Strava and Twitter.