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What about my child’s views – are they taken into account in mediation?

10/10/2018   By: Hannah Wilson

One of the many advantages of mediation is that it gives you the flexibility, time and space to discuss your child, future arrangements for them, and any difficulties they might be experiencing. This could range from where they go to school, to how they share their time between their parents, to whether they attend their classmates' birthday parties, and who buys the birthday presents. You can set your own agenda in mediation, and discuss anything that is relevant to your child and your role as parents.

If your child would like their views fed directly into the mediation discussions, and both you and your ex agree to that, you might want to consider child inclusive mediation.

In child inclusive mediation, your child will be spoken to separately by the mediator, and if they agree, their wishes and feelings will be relayed back to you and your ex by the mediator. Depending on your situation and the age of your child, it can be a really effective way of agreeing the arrangements going forward, ensuring that everyone has had the opportunity to be heard.

The success of mediation, and the future arrangements for your children, often boils down to communication between you and your ex as well as the communication you both have with your child. Mediation is a great place to start to rebuild good communication and to agree arrangements that can work for you all.

If you’d like to find out more about mediation and child inclusive mediation, get in touch with the family mediators here at Mills & Reeve. And look out for further blogs from the team during Mediation Awareness Week (8-11 October 2018) both here and on www.cohabitation-law.co.uk explaining what mediation is and the ways in which it could help your family.

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