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Mills & Reeve offering fixed fee family arbitration in October to raise awareness of the benefits for resolving divorce disputes

08/10/2012   By: Nigel Shepherd

Family arbitration is quicker, more flexible, more confidential and cost-effective than going through the courts to sort out financial issues in a divorce. Yet many people are still unaware of how helpful an approach it can be. So, to promote its benefits in resolving financial family disputes, we’re offering arbitration for a fixed fee during the month of October.

If you’re not already familiar with the benefits of arbitration, in summary it can save you time and money as well as offering you flexibility. You can choose an independent family law specialist to act as the arbitrator, who will rule on the specific financial issues you choose to have resolved through arbitration. Their decision is then made into a binding court order. You save money by avoiding lengthy legal proceedings in court, and timescales are dictated only by your own availability and that of the arbitrator.

Roger Bamber and I have been raising awareness of this approach since the official launch of the family law arbitration scheme earlier this year. As well as being internationally recognised family law experts, we're specifically trained as arbitrators to reach a binding and fair decision on the financial issues that can become a major sticking point in a divorce. Arbitration is proving to be a very good way for us to help our clients work through these sensitive issues in as pain free a way as possible.

To promote the benefits of family law arbitration further, Roger and I will be undertaking appropriate arbitration cases, starting during October 2012, for a fixed fee up to a maximum of £1,500 including VAT.

To find out whether this one-off October offer is suitable for your situation, please feel free to call one of us directly: either me on 0161 235 5426 or Roger on 01223 222203.

For more information on the process involved in family arbitration, you may also find it helpful to watch our “What is family arbitration?" video.

Nigel Shepherd
Family Law Partner and Arbitrator

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