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Divorce law blog

The truth will out

09/08/2012   By: Nigel Shepherd
What happens when one party in a divorce decides not to disclose the whole truth about their finances? Is it worth the risk?

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Cuts on public funding - the impact on the family courts

13/07/2012   By: Andrew Moore
The Government is introducing wide-ranging cuts to public funding (legal aid) from 1 April 2013. The majority of cases that were eligible for public funding may not be eligible next year. The effect will be an increase in people representing themselves at court due to an inability to pay legal fees.

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Legal reform needed to give more protection for unmarried couples living together?

10/07/2012   By:
Nigel Shepherd, one of the family law partners in our Manchester office, appeared on BBC 5 Live's late night programme last night discussing the rights of cohabitants on relationship breakdown and the need for reform in this area of law.

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Government consultation on shared parenting

13/06/2012   By: Caitlin Jenkins
Today the Government has launched a consultation on whether the Children Act 1989 should be amended to enshrine shared parenting in law.

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Excluding your ex-partner from your home

06/06/2012   By: Andrew Moore
The Court of Appeal, the second highest family court in the country, recently heard a father’s appeal to his exclusion from the family home by way of an Occupation Order (The case of Re L (Occupation Order) 2012).

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Elephant traps on tax for family lawyers

22/05/2012   By:
A gallop through the main issues for family lawyers to watch out for and, where appropriate, ask for expert input!

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Family lawyers should not always get a bad press

23/03/2012   By: Katherine Kennedy
Family law has changed over recent years and, while there may still be “Rottweiler” divorce lawyers out there, there is a clear – and welcome – cultural shift towards a much more holistic approach to family breakdown.

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Law commission to review financial provision on divorce

09/02/2012   By: Caitlin Jenkins
Law commission to review financial provision on divorce

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Family Justice Review published

08/11/2011   By:
The Family Justice Review panel, chaired by David Norgrove, has announced a number of recommendations for the family justice system, following what the Ministry of Justice has called, “the most comprehensive and far-reaching review of the family justice system since the Children Act 1989”.

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Transparency on legal fees

10/10/2011   By:
The chief Legal Ombudsman, Adam Sampson, has recently spoken to the Daily Telegraph about the problems surrounding legal fees. The Legal Ombudsman opened its doors on 6 October 2010 and is the body to whom clients can formally complain about their lawyers.

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