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Divorce law blog

Sharing inherited wealth on divorce

17/10/2012   By: Philip Way
A decision from the divorce courts in a recent case has looked again at the way that inherited assets are divided when a couple splits up. The result is a reminder that the courts will consider a range of factors in every case and may decide that sharing out the couple's assets exactly 50/50 is not the most fair approach.

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Mills & Reeve offering fixed fee family arbitration in October to raise awareness of the benefits for resolving divorce disputes

08/10/2012   By: Nigel Shepherd
Family arbitration is quicker, more flexible, more confidential and cost-effective than going through the courts to sort out financial issues in a divorce. Yet many people are still unaware of how helpful an approach it can be. So, to promote its benefits in resolving financial family disputes, we’re offering arbitration for a fixed fee during the month of October.

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Mills & Reeve’s family lawyers rated top by respected legal directory

26/09/2012   By:
We are very pleased to share the news that Legal 500, one of the most respected legal directories in the country, has once again ranked our family lawyers in the top tier in every one of our four main regions (East Anglia, North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire).

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Family Dispute Resolution Week

24/09/2012   By: Katherine Kennedy
Today marks the start of Family Dispute Resolution week, which is being held to raise awareness to the alternatives available to couples going through family breakdown.

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Fairness and certainty? Can divorcing couples expect a legal system that provides both?

24/09/2012   By: Edward Heaton
The Law Commission has published a consultation paper considering the way in which finances are dealt with on divorce.

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“A second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience” - but what about a fourth?

15/08/2012   By: Nigel Shepherd
Are pre-nuptial agreements (often called pre-marital agreements now) worth the paper they are written on? How binding are they now and in what circumstances might you want to consider having one?

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Don’t neglect your pension pot when getting divorce advice

10/08/2012   By: Katherine Kennedy
When it comes to sorting out your finances as part of your divorce settlement, it can be difficult to appreciate that specialist pensions advice – over and above that provided by your lawyer – may be worth the additional expense. However, reviewing your pension sharing options properly is a crucial part of weighing up what you and your family need in the immediate future versus the longer term considerations.

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The truth will out

09/08/2012   By: Nigel Shepherd
What happens when one party in a divorce decides not to disclose the whole truth about their finances? Is it worth the risk?

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Cuts on public funding - the impact on the family courts

13/07/2012   By: Andrew Moore
The Government is introducing wide-ranging cuts to public funding (legal aid) from 1 April 2013. The majority of cases that were eligible for public funding may not be eligible next year. The effect will be an increase in people representing themselves at court due to an inability to pay legal fees.

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Legal reform needed to give more protection for unmarried couples living together?

10/07/2012   By:
Nigel Shepherd, one of the family law partners in our Manchester office, appeared on BBC 5 Live's late night programme last night discussing the rights of cohabitants on relationship breakdown and the need for reform in this area of law.

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