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Divorce law blog

The Myth of the “Quickie” Divorce

16/10/2014   By: Jane Booth
The press often refers to so-called “quickie” divorces and websites are even marketing themselves as being set up to provide them. There is, however, no such thing as a “quickie” divorce. The process is the same for all undefended divorces in England and Wales.

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Backdating marriage certificates for couples converting civil partnerships into marriage

08/10/2014   By: Nigel Shepherd
Although same sex couples became able to marry at the end of March 2014 in England and Wales, there was a glaring anomaly, because those couples who had already entered into a civil partnership, were not able to convert that civil partnership into a marriage. The regulations providing the legal framework for conversion had not been sorted out.

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Location, location, location

06/10/2014   By: Nicola Rowlings
There can be no denying that, since 2000 (and particularly over the past decade), London has developed a reputation for being the so-called “divorce capital of the world” - a mecca for divorce tourists if you like. In 2012, The Times reported that 1 in 6 divorce cases in London involved a foreign national, half of the “big money” divorces involved people from abroad and that there had been a significant increase in international couples seeking pre-nuptial agreements to protect their wealth in the event of a divorce.

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The Scottish Referendum – what happens if Scotland “divorces” the UK?

18/09/2014   By: Sue Brookes
Those in the “No” camp have made it clear that a yes vote today will mean a divorce for Scotland and the rest of the UK and that it will not simply be a trial separation. A permanent separation will inevitably have a huge impact on all aspects of political and economic life, but what impact will it have on the laws surrounding family separation and breakdown?

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Share your story with Resolution

08/08/2014   By: Alison Bull
Have you had experience of mediation, collaboration or any other forms of dispute resolution relating to divorce or separation? If so, Resolution wants you to share your story with them. The aim is to help others learn about the alternative ways of dealing with their case. Your story can be shared in the paper or on the radio; and you can be named or remain anonymous as you prefer. Click on this link to find out more/ share your experience.

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Maintenance - meal ticket for life or essential support

28/07/2014   By: Nick Stone
When it comes to dealing with the financial consequences of a divorce, little divides opinion and gets people as hot under the collar as the thorny issue of maintenance payments after a divorce. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that a man who uses the term “meal ticket for life” to describe the ongoing financial support he is giving to his ex-wife is not exactly over the moon about the payments. But is maintenance between ex husbands and wives the norm? If you pay or receive maintenance how long is this going to be for?

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Press conference with Sir James Munby: Divorce by consent, mediation and everything in-between

06/05/2014   By: Sebastian Allen
In a wide ranging press meeting, Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, shared his views on divorce, cohabitation, litigants in person, transparency in hearings, inquisitorial judges, mediation and, well, everything else.

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Save the date: Gay marriages arrive early – for some.

26/03/2014   By: Nigel Shepherd
Same sex couples waiting to get married following the passing of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 didn’t have to wait for as long as they first thought with the first same sex marriages able to take place from Saturday 29th March. Many have already booked their ceremonies to take place on Friday at midnight.

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Summer Wedding? The hot topic is pre-nuptial agreements!

24/03/2014   By: Caitlin Jenkins
Pre-Nuptial agreements, sometimes referred to as pre-nups or pre-marital agreements, have been the subject of the most recent Law Commission’s report. Not only are pre-nuptial agreements in vogue at the moment, they are also far more widely used, socially acceptable, and increasingly enforceable.

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The Budget 2014: how it might affect you

20/03/2014   By:
The 2014 Budget has now been announced, and there are a number of areas such as pensions, savings and property ownership which contain interesting changes that may affect individuals.

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