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Divorce law blog

The impact of divorce on your children – the long term effects

23/11/2012   By: Andrew Moore
If you are a parent considering or going through a separation or divorce you are almost certainly going to be concerned about how your children will be affected and what you and your partner can do to reduce the impact on them.

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I’m a celebrity get me out of this marriage

22/11/2012   By: Nigel Shepherd
Celebrities are twice as likely as other people to get divorced. This is according to research just published by the High Court Judge Mr Justice Coleridge’s Marriage Foundation. The report entitled Hello? Goodbye! Marriage and divorce among celebrities looked at 572 well-known couples who had married since 2000 and found that the divorce rate in this group after 10 years of marriage was 40 per cent compared to 20 per cent in the rest of the population. But are celebrity divorces really so different from everyone else’s?

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Why Christmas contact arrangements must come early

16/11/2012   By: Andrew Moore
As sure as Christmas means turkey, tinsel and last-minute present buying, for family lawyers the festive period also includes numerous phone calls from clients who need (often at the eleventh hour) help to agree contact arrangements for their children with their ex. Whether arrangements cannot be agreed or one parent is threatening not to honour an agreement that's already been reached or imposed by the court, the clients I speak to are stressed, frustrated and, at times, angry. This is far from the best start to what is supposed to be the season of goodwill. To avoid this situation, here are a few golden rules to help you ensure that your children can spend quality time with both their parents at Christmas.

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Why a change in the law affects divorcing business owners the most

05/11/2012   By: Nigel Shepherd
*This blog post has been updated on 19 November 2012 to clarify that the Court of Appeal did not reduce the wife's award by £9 million as has been mis-reported in the press. Her overall award remains £17.5 million as originally ordered by the High Court. See below for the updated story.* You may have spotted headlines such as "Oil tycoon who used African law to fight £17 million divorce wins landmark case to slash payout to wife by £9 million" in the press last weekend. These all concerned a particularly high-profile decision in a Court of Appeal case called Petrodel Resources Limited v Prest. The case will have a real impact on business owners who are divorcing and will likely mean that wealth protection measures such as pre-nuptial agreements and family investment companies will become more important than ever.

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Why family mediation is definitely not a waste of your time

26/10/2012   By: Alison Bull
The Government has recently set out to push family mediation to the forefront of the divorce process, ensuring that all divorcing couples are aware of this option for dealing with disputes. But there are those who will say everyone is wasting their time with mediation. For once, I agree wholeheartedly with the Government: family mediation is definitely not a waste of your time and here’s why.

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Paying to receive child maintenance

24/10/2012   By: Rose-Marie Drury
Government proposals to replace the Child Support Agency with the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) have recently hit the news. But what is likely to be the main effect of these proposals for parents? Could you end up paying to receive child maintenance?

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Mills & Reeve offering fixed fee family arbitration in October to raise awareness of the benefits for resolving divorce disputes

08/10/2012   By: Nigel Shepherd
Family arbitration is quicker, more flexible, more confidential and cost-effective than going through the courts to sort out financial issues in a divorce. Yet many people are still unaware of how helpful an approach it can be. So, to promote its benefits in resolving financial family disputes, we’re offering arbitration for a fixed fee during the month of October.

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Mills & Reeve’s family lawyers rated top by respected legal directory

26/09/2012   By:
We are very pleased to share the news that Legal 500, one of the most respected legal directories in the country, has once again ranked our family lawyers in the top tier in every one of our four main regions (East Anglia, North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire).

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Family Dispute Resolution Week

24/09/2012   By: Katherine Kennedy
Today marks the start of Family Dispute Resolution week, which is being held to raise awareness to the alternatives available to couples going through family breakdown.

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Fairness and certainty? Can divorcing couples expect a legal system that provides both?

24/09/2012   By: Edward Heaton
The Law Commission has published a consultation paper considering the way in which finances are dealt with on divorce.

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