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Divorce law blog

Myth of the common law marriage leaves cohabitees vulnerable, a new survey reveals

04/04/2017   By: Alison Bull
A recent YouGov survey commissioned by us here at Mills & Reeve highlights that many people who are unmarried but live with their partners do not fully understand their legal positions and have no idea what rights they would have if they were to separate in due course.

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Same sex marriage - the need for flexibility

17/07/2013   By:
It is a great step forward that Parliament has now cleared the final stages to enable the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill to become law in the next few days. No longer will gay couples be limited to entering into a civil partnership – now they will have the full status and recognition of marriage itself. Perhaps this is a time to reflect on some of the anomalies and tensions that the law has been trying to accommodate. At exactly the same time the gay community celebrate their marriages becoming mainstream, do we need to think more clearly about those who choose to live outside the mainstream?

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Gay marriage – wrong priority?

05/06/2013   By: Nigel Shepherd
Although this legislative change should be welcomed, being able to marry will not add to the legal rights that same sex couples have enjoyed since the introduction of civil partnerships. If their relationship breaks down, the remedies under the Civil Partnership Act mirror those available to married couples. But this is in stark contrast to the position faced by those in long term cohabiting relationships.

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