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Divorce law blog

Pensions on divorce - a ticking time bomb

10/11/2017   By: Nigel Shepherd
We all know that divorce is sadly part of modern life. Although the overall trend recently has been a reduction since a high in 2003/4, just over 40% of marriages still break down. This can have far-reaching financial consequences for couples, in particular when it comes to pensions.

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Pension Sharing following a foreign divorce

27/10/2015   By: Philip Way
Modern employment requires geographical flexibility and many individuals will live in a number of different countries over a working lifetime. If you or your spouse have lived or worked in England, or worked for an English employer, you or your spouse may be a member of an English pension scheme.

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The Budget 2014: how it might affect you

20/03/2014   By:
The 2014 Budget has now been announced, and there are a number of areas such as pensions, savings and property ownership which contain interesting changes that may affect individuals.

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