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Divorce law blog

Summer Wedding? The hot topic is pre-nuptial agreements!

24/03/2014   By: Caitlin Jenkins
Pre-Nuptial agreements, sometimes referred to as pre-nups or pre-marital agreements, have been the subject of the most recent Law Commission’s report. Not only are pre-nuptial agreements in vogue at the moment, they are also far more widely used, socially acceptable, and increasingly enforceable.

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Fairness and certainty? Can divorcing couples expect a legal system that provides both?

24/09/2012   By: Edward Heaton
The Law Commission has published a consultation paper considering the way in which finances are dealt with on divorce.

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Law commission to review financial provision on divorce

09/02/2012   By: Caitlin Jenkins
Law commission to review financial provision on divorce

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Law Commission Consultation on pre-marital agreements is now closed

12/04/2011   By:
On 11 January 2011 the Law Commission published its consultation paper on Marital Property Agreements. The consultation invited comment from specialists and the general public on the proposed reform of the law relating to pre-marital agreements (or "pre-nups"). The deadline for comments closed on 11 April.

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