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Divorce law blog

The kids are alright – financial support for separated unmarried couples

07/04/2017   By: Marc Saunderson
“We’ve lived together as common-law spouses, will my ex have to support me financially now that we’re separating?” There is a common misconception that couples who live together for a number of years obtain the same rights on separation as those who are married. In our survey, 26 per cent of those asked believed that unmarried couples who had been living together for more than a year had the same legal rights as married couples. For those cohabiting families that did have dependent children, the survey revealed that almost three-quarters of respondents (73 per cent) did not know what kind of support they would be entitled to for their children if they separated from their partner.

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The truth behind the “get a job” headlines

30/04/2015   By: Nicola Rowlings
Last month, a lot of fuss was made about a divorce concerning a vet and a stay at home mother. You may have seen some of the newspaper headlines. According to those papers, the wife had apparently been told by a judge to “go out and get a job”. The headlines suggested that a sensational change in the law had taken place – that divorced women could no longer expect to receive spousal maintenance and should go back to work once their children were at school. But is that what really happened?

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Location, location, location

06/10/2014   By: Nicola Rowlings
There can be no denying that, since 2000 (and particularly over the past decade), London has developed a reputation for being the so-called “divorce capital of the world” - a mecca for divorce tourists if you like. In 2012, The Times reported that 1 in 6 divorce cases in London involved a foreign national, half of the “big money” divorces involved people from abroad and that there had been a significant increase in international couples seeking pre-nuptial agreements to protect their wealth in the event of a divorce.

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