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Divorce law blog

Keep Calm and Carry on Disclosing

22/10/2015   By: Nicola Rowlings
You cannot have failed to notice the media storm over Mrs Sharland and Mrs Gohil – the two wives who went all the way to the Supreme Court to overturn financial orders made in their divorce proceedings which had (it later transpired) been based on false and misleading information provided by their husbands.

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A cautionary tale for cohabiting couples

23/01/2012   By: Katherine Kennedy
The long running saga of Kernott and Jones finally came to an end in November 2011, after some three years of litigation, appearances before 4 levels of courts and the opinions, indeed Judgements, of some 10 Judges, from the original trial judge at Southend on Sea county court to Judges sitting in the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court.

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Kernott v. Jones - the story so far

08/11/2011   By: Katherine Kennedy
The appeal from the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court was heard in May and the Judgement of Lord Walker, Lady Hale, Lord Collins, Lord Kerr and Sir Nicholas Wilson is expected this Wednesday.  Below is an outline of the case to date.

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Pre marital agreements - one year on

20/10/2011   By:
A year ago today the judgment in the landmark Radmacher case was handed down by the Supreme Court. This judgment led to what is almost a presumption in favour of pre (and post ) marital agreements being upheld in England and Wales, in certain circumstances.

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