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Mediation procedure guide

A step-by-step guide to mediation procedure in the UK

Most people going through the divorce process will not have to use the courts to sort out their finances. You can reach a divorce settlement agreement through other means, such as through family mediation.

The diagram below has been designed to give you a clear view of how the mediation procedure works. Blue words link to an explanation of those terms to help you understand legal jargon relating to mediation. If you are unable to view the diagram below, please click here for a PDF print friendly version of the mediation procedure guide.

At Mills & Reeve LLP our experienced family lawyers provide a mediation service as outlined in the flow chart above. Please contact a member of our team for further details.

Even if court proceedings are initiated there is the option to agree to mediate on specific issues during the process or to delay the court proceedings whilst mediation takes place.

There are a number of exemptions as to when MIAM does not need to take place. For further information please see our blog titled What is a MIAM?.