Claire Molyneux

What can I help you with?

I specialise in helping parents to make positive arrangements for their children following a separation. During this difficult period of life transition for every family member, I have considerable experience in assisting parents to identify what is really important for their children in order to help them thrive in two homes.     

Example(s) of some recent work

I help a parent to make arrangements for their child/ren following separation. I recently I helped a parent in circumstances where the other parent had made allegations about his ability to care for their young child.  

I am also a mediator.  In that role, I help two parents to come together and build arrangements for their child/ren that both parents feel confident will ensure a positive experience for them.

I can also help parents in my role as a parenting coordinator, which involves helping parents implement the agreed terms of a parenting agreement or court order.

What do others say about me?

Recently, a client said: “Claire is very professional and at the same time has excellent people skills, she is thoughtful and kind and at times this was the extra bit that made the service you provide exceptional.”

What else should you know?

I have a special interest in inter-parental conflict and its effect on children. I try to help parents to think about a framework for their children’s childhood that can help them to thrive with parents in two homes. 

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