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Claiming a fair share of the family business

What should I consider when preparing a claim against the family business on divorce?

Being on the outside of the business can be difficult. It can feel as though you sometimes get all of the anxiety and none of the satisfaction of being involved. On divorce, that anxiety may well increase.

Although the business may have been central to family life, those not involved in the business often feel they know very little about what is going on. When divorce happens, those feelings of powerlessness and ignorance move to centre stage.

This should not be the case. With good legal advice, it is possible to find out all that you need to about the business of your spouse so that you are well prepared to think about:

  • Whether you want to share the benefits that flow from the business – the income and the lifestyle in particular
  • Whether you want to share the ownership of the business – and possibly the decision making
  • Whether you prefer to remain outside the business and away from the risk and the rollercoaster of stress associated with commercial life

MaximizeWhat should I do first?

MaximizeWhat should I aim to achieve from the divorce settlements regarding the family business?

MaximizeDo I need my own accountant to help value the business in my divorce?

MaximizeAt what point should I take legal advice about the business on divorce?

MaximizeDo I need to go to court to share the business assets?

MaximizeWhat should I consider next?

How to communicate effectively

To help you to communicate effectively with your former partner when resolving disputes, we have partnered with iMA Strategies to identify which communication and engagement style you have. 

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