Private FDRs and Early Neutral Evaluation

Private Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) and Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) are out of court options. An experienced lawyer gives a view on potential outcomes to help you reach a decision.

Our experience

Our family team recommends private FDRs and ENEs in more and more cases because our experience and feedback from our clients have demonstrated the real advantages they offer.

Here is a recent example of how they can work well:

We were advising a very high-earning father on support for his daughter when he had split up with his partner. They had agreed the living arrangements for the child who would live with her mother but not on the monthly maintenance and various other financial issues.

We booked in a private FDR well in advance so that everyone knew when the discussions would be taking place and could prepare. On the day, we managed to get everything agreed so that all parties knew where they stood and could get on with their lives.

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