We understand international divorce...

Ending a relationship is difficult at the best of times but international divorce brings added complexity. You need experienced lawyers who understand your position and can act quickly and decisively.

The complex web of cross border divorce can seem overwhelming but we will work with you to protect your interests and advise in a straightforward and practical way. Although it may be necessary to take urgent action in some cases, we will still always look to reduce conflict and cost. This approach is at the heart of what we do.

Leading international experience 

Many of the senior members of our family and children team are Fellows of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL). This is a global network that recognises the most experienced and skilled family lawyers in different jurisdictions around the world. We know many of these leading international lawyers personally and have built up close professional relationships with them over many years, giving you the best chance of getting the right outcome in even the most complex situations.

Experts in pre and post-marital agreements

When you're planning your wedding, you hope never to have to rely on a prenuptial agreement. However, if there are international factors, it is even more important to decide what you want to happen if the marriage breaks down, rather than try to unpick everything at the end. That's why where there are complex international issues that need to be considered and negotiated, our lawyers increasingly advise on and prepare marital (or nuptial) agreements (pre-nups and post-nups).

Specialists in children work 

Disputes about whether a parent should be allowed to move abroad with their children are not only emotional decisions but can be legally complicated. What is the main reason for the move? How will the parent left behind maintain a strong relationship with the children? How will the children's own views be taken into account?

Our children specialists understand how difficult these questions can be to answer and how a court will approach them.


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This vlog considers the circumstances in which a parent can take a child on holiday abroad (out of the jurisdiction of England & Wales) with and without the permission of the other parent.

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