Divorce financial settlement

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Divorce financial settlement is a general term for sorting out all the different financial consequences of a divorce. These can include how a house is divided, pensions and maintenance.

There are two main concerns that you are likely to have when facing a divorce. If you have children, their welfare and happiness and the arrangements you make for them after separation will probably be your first priority. The second will be the financial settlement. The two will usually be closely linked. 

The Mills & Reeve family team has a national and international reputation when it comes to answering the questions you will have about divorce settlements.  For example:

When you put your trust in our divorce solicitors you can be sure that you're getting advice and representation that looks at the whole picture. It's not just about the law. It's about understanding your priorities and concerns. It's about working with you not just for you. And it's about the best approach to getting you a divorce financial settlement that means you can look forward with confidence to whatever lies ahead. 

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