Third party issues

Working out a financial arrangement does not always involve just you and your ex but can include family members, business partners or trustees.

Almost inevitably in these situations, one person will be looking to challenge or deny the third party's interest because it reduces the value of the pot of assets available for division.  This means that the third party will need to defend their interest by getting involved in the financial proceedings (also called "intervening").  Before the court can deal with your or your ex's financial claims, they will first need to work out the extent of the third party's interest.  

Whether it is your divorce a third party is looking to intervene in, or you are a third party looking to defend your interest, you need prompt, expert advice.  

Our experience

Cases involving third parties are not straightforward.  They are complicated and require skilful handling to ensure a fair outcome.  Not all family lawyers will have experience of them.  We  have a longstanding reputation. We are known for dealing with complex cases involving third parties.  Our wide range of work includes: 

  • successfully intervening in Supreme Court proceedings, representing our client Resolution in the landmark divorce case of Owens v Owens 
  • successfully defending our clients'  interest in their son and daughter-in-law's  property, where they had provided a substantial loan to purchase the property
  • advising in one of the largest cases ever brought in the High Court which involved a complex structure of trusts and companies. Representing the beneficiaries of the trusts that were under attack, our advice ensured a successful defence, enabling the trusts to continue to provide financial support for future generations
  • representing the interests of the trustees of a substantial land holding and farming business in a divorce, helping to structure a financial settlement that achieved our clients’ aim of avoiding the trust from being broken up


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