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Divorce advice videos

Divorce overview and approach

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Trying to understand legal processes and terminology is particularly challenging when you’re going through the emotional turmoil of a divorce or separation. Sometimes it helps to have someone explain what your options are face to face.

The free videos below give you the chance to hear straightforward answers from our experienced family and divorce lawyers about the most common divorce and separation questions we get from our clients. You can use these videos alongside our free Divorce UK iPhone/iPad app as resources to help you save time and money.

You can also visit and subscribe to our Divorce UK YouTube channel if you want to share and comment on the videos.

MaximizeDivorce overview and approach

MaximizeDivorce advice: I'm not sure if my marriage is over – what should I do?

MaximizeDivorce advice: which country should we get divorced in if we have international connections?

MaximizeDivorce approaches: do we have to go through the courts to divorce?

MaximizeDivorce approaches: how do I get divorced in England and Wales?

MaximizeDivorce approaches: why see a solicitor?

MaximizeDivorce approaches: what is collaborative law?

MaximizeDivorce approaches: what is mediation?

MaximizeDivorce approaches: what is family arbitration?

MaximizeDivorce approaches: what is solicitor led negotiation?

MaximizeDivorce approaches: DIY divorce

MaximizeUnmarried couples: we're not married but we're splitting up - what are my legal rights?

MaximizeChildren: what happens if we don't agree about the children?

MaximizeChildren: what is shared or joint residence?

MaximizeChildren: what arrangements can we make for our children when we divorce?

MaximizeChildren: what if access to the children is blocked?

MaximizeChildren: what is a Cafcass officer?

MaximizeChildren: relocating with children

MaximizeFinances: what happens with the money in a divorce?

MaximizeFinances: financial settlement – how to get there

MaximizeFinances: pensions and pension sharing

MaximizePreparing for court: children cases

MaximizePreparing for court: financial cases

MaximizeLocal services: our divorce lawyers in Cambridge

MaximizeLocal services: our divorce lawyers in Leeds

MaximizeLocal services: our divorce lawyers in London

MaximizeLocal services: our divorce lawyers in Manchester