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Divorce law blog

Family law mediation – the way forward for cost effective solutions to family disputes

21/11/2013   By: Alison Bull
With National Family Dispute Resolution Week (25 – 29 November 2013) highlighting the alternatives to court, I thought it would be a great opportunity to take a look at how another dispute resolution option is changing what divorcing couples can and should expect from their family solicitors.

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The rise and rise of the fixed fee divorce

01/08/2013   By: Hannah Wilson
“Why would anybody want to sign a blank cheque – I wouldn’t for my builder, so why should I for my lawyer?” Over the past six months, we have found more and more clients asking our divorce solicitors to quote for a fixed fee. And quite right too. Many law firms are now following suit, and legal websites make it easier for future clients to shop around to get the best deal. But are fixed fees the complete answer?

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Ten key facts about same sex marriage

24/07/2013   By: Caitlin Jenkins
The government's legislation on same sex marriage was recently passed, becoming law for England and Wales. So what does this mean and how will it be implemented? Here are ten key facts.

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Same sex marriage - the need for flexibility

17/07/2013   By:
It is a great step forward that Parliament has now cleared the final stages to enable the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill to become law in the next few days. No longer will gay couples be limited to entering into a civil partnership – now they will have the full status and recognition of marriage itself. Perhaps this is a time to reflect on some of the anomalies and tensions that the law has been trying to accommodate. At exactly the same time the gay community celebrate their marriages becoming mainstream, do we need to think more clearly about those who choose to live outside the mainstream?

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Are you getting married this summer? Have you considered a pre-nup?

01/07/2013   By: Caitlin Jenkins
There was a time when the general consensus was that a pre-marital agreement (more commonly known as a pre-nup) was distasteful and not worth the paper it was written on. However, that time has long gone. Pre-marital agreements have become not only much more the norm for couples who are getting married, but also much more socially acceptable.

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Gay marriage – wrong priority?

05/06/2013   By: Nigel Shepherd
Although this legislative change should be welcomed, being able to marry will not add to the legal rights that same sex couples have enjoyed since the introduction of civil partnerships. If their relationship breaks down, the remedies under the Civil Partnership Act mirror those available to married couples. But this is in stark contrast to the position faced by those in long term cohabiting relationships.

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Funding legal fees on divorce

10/05/2013   By: Anna Heenan
The recent cuts to legal aid have received a great deal of press coverage. Something that hasn’t received quite the same attention is the other options for funding legal fees on divorce. So how can you fund court proceedings if you don’t have the income or savings to do so?

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Honesty is the best policy

09/05/2013   By: Nigel Shepherd
When you are trying to sort out the financial consequences of a divorce one of the key ground rules is that you have to give an honest account of your assets. This applies not only to what you’ve got at the moment, but also to what you know might change in the foreseeable future that could make a difference to the negotiations and order the court is asked to make. The recent “big money” case of S v S heard in April 2013 dealt with this issue.

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Top tips for managing legal costs

14/02/2013   By: Anna Heenan
Many people’s biggest fear about going to see a solicitor is what it’s going to cost them. The much-publicised tale of divorcing lawyers Anna-Marie Harvey Kavanagh and Giles Kavanagh, who squandered almost all their assets in divorce costs, will hardly have helped. But remembering a few very simple guidelines could save you from suffering the same fate.

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12 top facts to help cut through common divorce myths and risks

21/12/2012   By: Anna Heenan
The twelve days of Christmas are almost upon us and, just to be different, I thought I’d treat you to twelve key facts about family law. Sadly it isn’t chocolate (or even a mince pie) but hopefully these facts will be a helpful starting point to clearing up some of the more common myths and misunderstandings about divorce and family law.

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