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The Family Law Vlogger gives you guidance on your first step so sorting out your issues. Whether you are looking for information on divorce, separation, prenups, mediation or children arrangements, we have information for you.

Family law work takes on many forms, but whatever the issues you are facing, the Mills & Reeve team are committed to reducing conflict wherever we can and overcoming even the most difficult challenges with you.

A discussion between Caitlin Jenkins, the family law vlogger and four experts about various different types of transitions family's experience. From back to school, to moving from one home to two, to creating a new parenting relationship and ideas for effective communication, this vlog has it all, including lots of practical ideas.
Caitlin Jenkins, discusses a new book, published during the pandemic, entitled “Living Together, Separating, Divorcing: Surviving During a Pandemic” with four of the contributors, all experts in the field of children and separating families.
A discussion between Caitlin Jenkins, the familylawvlogger, of Mills & Reeve and John West, of SKO Family Law Specialists, an expert family lawyer in Scotland, about the judgment of the Supreme Court handed down in the case of Villiers on 1 July 2020.
A discussion between Caitlin Jenkins, the famiylawvlogger, and her colleague, Nigel Shepherd, and is the latest in a series of updates on the no fault divorce legislation as it passes through Parliament, finally gaining Royal Assent on 25 June 2020.
Caitlin Jenkins, the familylawvlogger and her colleague, Alison Bull, talk about a recent surrogacy case in which Alison, our colleague Rose-Marie Drury and counsel Tom Harrill of St Ives Chambers acted for the surrogate mother.
Caitlin Jenkins, the familylawvlogger and her colleague, Nigel Shepherd, known as “Mr No Fault Divorce” for his tireless campaigning on this topic over many years, discuss the current status of the legislation which is currently making its way through the UK Parliament.
During the Covid19 pandemic more couples are deciding to live together so that they can operate as one household. But what are the legal implications of this and what issues should they think about before moving in together? This vlog, part of a series of Covid19 related vlogs from Caitlin Jenkins, the familylawvlogger, summarises the key points to consider.
This vlog provides practical tips on how to prepare for a virtual/remote family court hearing, so one taking place on the phone or on video. Part of a series of Covid 19 related vlogs, this vlog was recorded by Caitlin Jenkins, the familylawvlogger on 5 May 2020.
Are you worried about domestic abuse for yourself or a family member? This short vlog (2 minutes) suggests 3 key practical things to think about. This vlog is part of a series of Covid 19 related vlogs from Caitlin Jenkins, the family law vlogger.
This vlog provides guidance on the sort of information that may need updating or reviewing if you are trying to sort out the financial arrangements on divorce (by negotiation or through court) but your assets have changed in value due to the economic uncertainty arising out of Covid19.
This vlog addresses the question of whether a reduction in your income means you can change the amount of maintenance you pay for a child/ children or a former spouse.
Caitlin Jenkins, the familylawvlogger, that looks at various family law issues that arise due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Recorded on 13 April 2020, this vlog focuses on the situation of couples who have signed pre marital agreements (often known as Pre-nups) in contemplation of a wedding day but the wedding has now been postponed, and offers practical tips for them to consider.
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