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Divorce law blog

Rights, duties and responsibilities of parents

27/04/2015   By:
When your relationship breaks down, you may be asking what exactly are your responsibilities towards your children? The answer has been spelled out by the Family Court in a recent, damning judgement* involving parents who both had parental responsibility for their two children.

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Top 10 tips for separated or divorced parents for sorting out the Christmas arrangements for the kids

09/12/2014   By: Rose-Marie Drury
We know from our experience as family lawyers that Christmas can be a really difficult time for separated families. Sorting out how the children spend time with both sides of the family is more likely than not going to an emotional issue for any parent. It’s likely to be in your children’s best interests that if possible you agree contact in advance rather than going to court so this December we’ve put together our 10 top tips for sorting out Christmas arrangements.

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The right of grandparents to see their grandchildren

01/12/2014   By: Andrew Moore
It should not be forgotten that when a relationship breaks down children may not only lose contact with a parent, but also with their grandparents. With two working parent families now the norm and the high cost of child care, grandparents are regularly called upon to assist the young family and can become part of a child’s routine at an early age. Children form their key relationships in their first few years of life and maintaining contact with key adults such as grandparents is important in providing children with stability during a difficult transition in their lives.

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Presumption of parental involvement in a child's life is due to come into effect on 22 October 2014

30/10/2014   By: Nicola Rowlings
Last week, the new presumption for parental involvement contained in Section 11 of the Children and Families Act 2002 came into force. On the face of it, it sounds as though this could be a fundamental shift in the law relating to the arrangements for the time the children spend with their parents on separation and divorce, but opinion is divided as to whether, in fact, this will lead to a significant change.

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Hints & tips for sorting the summer school holiday arrangements for children

30/04/2013   By: Caitlin Jenkins
Agreeing arrangements for children over the long summer holidays can be difficult for separated families. Here are a few tips to think about when trying to agree those arrangements.

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How should you share your children’s care after you separate?

02/04/2013   By: Anna Heenan
There are lots of myths about how you and your partner should share the care of your children after you separate. For example, a lot of people wrongly assume that courts are biased towards mothers. More recently, there have been suggestions, again wrong, that the Government is going to change the law so that children split their time equally between their parents. So how do you deal with care of your children after you separate?

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Relocation, relocation, relocation

20/02/2013   By: Rose-Marie Drury
The decision to move abroad is never an easy one and it’s all the more difficult if you are separated and there are children involved. If your former partner has parental responsibility then you need their consent or permission from the court to move your children abroad. You will need to take a whole list of factors into account and plan very carefully.

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Why Christmas contact arrangements must come early

16/11/2012   By: Andrew Moore
As sure as Christmas means turkey, tinsel and last-minute present buying, for family lawyers the festive period also includes numerous phone calls from clients who need (often at the eleventh hour) help to agree contact arrangements for their children with their ex. Whether arrangements cannot be agreed or one parent is threatening not to honour an agreement that's already been reached or imposed by the court, the clients I speak to are stressed, frustrated and, at times, angry. This is far from the best start to what is supposed to be the season of goodwill. To avoid this situation, here are a few golden rules to help you ensure that your children can spend quality time with both their parents at Christmas.

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