Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is an out of court option. You work through the various issues constructively with your partner in an amicable process with the personal support of your own lawyer.

In a collaborative divorce, all key discussions take place around a table with your partner and their own collaborative lawyer. These are called four-way meetings.

There are many advantages to collaborative divorce, including:

  • It is a safe environment in which to talk. It is private and the discussions about outcomes are entirely confidential
  • You have the benefit of two specially trained lawyers working collaboratively with you, looking at what is best for you and your family. It feels very different to arms-length negotiation
  • Your own lawyer is there to support and advise you and make sure that all the important issues are dealt with from your perspective
  • Other professionals can be involved too. They could be financially trained, such as accountants or pensions experts.  They could be family consultants with a therapeutic background who can support you and your partner with the emotional difficulties that might be impacting on your ability to move things forward
  • It is your timetable. You set priorities and decide together how quickly or slowly you want to take things

The glue holding the process together is that everyone agrees to different lawyers stepping in if negotiations break down and you need to go to court or arbitration.

Our experience

Collaborative practice is completely in line with the constructive, non-confrontational approach that our team is committed to providing. Independent research has shown that where a collaborative approach is suitable for couples, it is very successful. That's certainly been the experience of our collaborative lawyers. The many people we've helped like the fact that they have retained control over the decision-making, but had the personal support of their own family lawyer to reassure and guide them.

This is why in each of our offices,  you will find collaboratively trained lawyers who have experience in dealing with the full range of financial and children issues through the collaborative process. They can help you come through what will inevitably be a difficult and worrying period of your life with an agreement on the issues that matter most to you. This is done in a way that reduces conflict and, as a result, helps you and your family communicate more effectively and plan your future with confidence.

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