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Divorce law blog

Location, location, location

06/10/2014   By: Nicola Rowlings
There can be no denying that, since 2000 (and particularly over the past decade), London has developed a reputation for being the so-called “divorce capital of the world” - a mecca for divorce tourists if you like. In 2012, The Times reported that 1 in 6 divorce cases in London involved a foreign national, half of the “big money” divorces involved people from abroad and that there had been a significant increase in international couples seeking pre-nuptial agreements to protect their wealth in the event of a divorce.

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The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming

29/08/2013   By: Nigel Shepherd
The 1966 American Cold War comedy The Russians are Coming might not be the best-known film around, but in view of what has been happening in the divorce courts of London recently it looks like a fair description of an apparently increasing trend – picked up on by Boris Johnson last year when he urged the wives of billionaires and oligarchs to flock to London when their marriage broke down! This is because the difference between what you might get in England and elsewhere in the world can run to millions, so the stakes are high. However, there are complex rules about the choice of court.

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